• The Cat Selector

The Cat Selector

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Cats are popular as household companions and pets, but many people who plan to adopt a cat are unaware of the choices available to them. "The Cat Selector "will enlighten them with profiles of 130 feline breeds while also describing the wide variations in cats' dispositions and personalities. Author and animal expert David Alderton divides the contents of this book into categories designed to help each reader find the perfect cat to match his or her personality and lifestyle. His categories include-- Large cats * Athletic cats * Very friendly cats * Strange-coated cats * Distinctive cats * and many more The profiled breeds include-- Maine Coon * Siberian * Siamese * Turkish Angora * British Shorthair * Munchkin * Cornish Rex * Bengal * American Wirehair * Manx * Japanese Bobtail * and many more Each cat profile includes information on personality, appearance, grooming requirements, and specific health considerations. An informative text is supplemented with tables, annotated photos, and special selector charts to help readers match themselves with their perfect feline companion. More than 200 stunning color photos come with captions that help readers identify key physical qualities of each breed.

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