Honey and Diana are two Malaysian gals who really love diving into books of all kinds. Their popular podcast called Two Book Nerds Talking is where they discuss books they love or those hot on the read list. The girls share reading insights, bookish topics, pick the minds of occasional bookworm guests and other general book nerdery. If you love books as much as we do, this is the podcast for you! Available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. 

Two lovely book nerds, Honey Ahmad and Diana Yeong delved into trends and issues that excite bookworms in one of their podcasts held in the Powder Room, Bookxcess. Find out the latest book recommendations. Can the smell of the book inspire your purchasing decision? Are all books “real books”? How do we groom future readers? Can good books enrich lives, change minds and empower critical thinking?

Two Book Nerds Talking : Season 6, Episode 1

7th April 2022, Powder Room by BookXcess

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