Worlds Apart (Story Thieves, Bk. 5)

Bethany and Owen have failed. The villain they have come to know as Nobody has ripped asunder the fictional and nonfictional worlds, destroying their connection. Bethany has been split in two, with her fictional and nonfictional selves living in the separate realms.But weirdly, no one seems to mind. Owen - and every other nonfictional person - have lost their imaginations, so they can?t picture their lives any differently. Then Owen gets trapped in a dark, dystopian reality five years in the future, where nothing is needed more desperately than the power to imagine. Fictional Bethany is thrilled to be training with her father as his new sidekick, Twilight Girl - until she realizes that the fictional reality will fade away completely without the nonfictional world to hold it together. In this final installment of the genre-bending Story Thieves series, Owen and Bethany will be forced to risk everything to defeat Nobody and save multiple realities.
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ISBN 9781481485746
Categories BX, Children's Books, Reading Books, WBD
Author(s) Riley, James
Publisher Aladdin
Pages 483
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 13.4cm x 4.1cm x 21.6cm
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