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Who Did It?

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Who Did It?Boxed set containing Who Sneezed? Who Burped? Who Farted? Who Peed? Who Pooped? Ohara Hale In the tradition of the classic "Everyone Poops," a collection of silly illustrated board books in which animals and insects demonstrate bodily noises and functions to help young kids understand and deal with them in a healthy, courteous, and appropriate way. Sneezing, burping, farting, pooping, and peeing: basic functions that elicit all kinds of reactions from kids, ranging from hilarity to creativity to with holding and a variety of reactions from adults, from reluctant amusement to disgust to total parental meltdown. The key to teaching the whole family how to handle these events in a positive way is to be able to talk about them. Ohara's whimsical approach teaches kids 3 simple lessons what these bodily functions are, why they shouldn't cause undue embarrassment, and how to politely and considerately deal with them. * This book may have minor shelfwear*

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