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When On Earth?: History As You've Never Seen It Before!

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This one-of-a-kind history book for children shows where, when, why and how history happened through stunning 3D graphics and maps, perfect for visual learners.

Learn history in a new and captivating way! This atlas for children gives a completely unique view to history. Children can visualize the history of the world with a brand-new geographical perspective not easily learned in school.

Sail the seas with the first Vikings and live among the first farmers, learning about how they worked and evolved from the earliest recorded times on Earth to present day. Beautiful illustrations, 3D graphics, clear annotations, and fun facts bring history to life and display in glorious detail how it fits into the world at large.

Each of these specially commissioned 3D maps charts a key global event. Follow the migration of the earliest humans, the spread of the Black Death, or lose yourself in the European, African, and Pacific theaters of World War II.

Whether your child is a visual learner or history buff, this educational book is perfect for any student of history, serving as an epic quest through our shared past and a birds-eye view of the history of life on Earth.

Travel Through Time – Discover Our Shared History!

This incredible fact book is filled to the brim with fun facts about the world greatly complimented by more than 60 highly detailed maps exploring how our world has changed throughout time.

It’s easy to spend hours poring over every detail, with beautiful illustrations and informative content making history fun and easy (well, easier) to understand in the context of different events, different places and different dates. It dives into the history of continents across the globe in impressive detail and can be read for short or longer bursts. While it follows a logical order of civilization, you can easily skip around with no loss of interest or comprehension.

Dive into this kid’s atlas to learn about the medieval and modern world, the 20th and 21st centuries including:
- The Vikings, China’s golden age and Castles
- The age of exploration, the French Revolution and Slavery
- World War I and II, Moon landings, and the Internet

It is the perfect kid’s educational book for school projects or simply getting to know why the world is the way it is and how it got to be that way.

When on Earth? forms part of the Where on Earth? series including Where on Earth? Atlas – The World As You've Never Seen It Before and Where on Earth? – The Ultimate Atlas of What's Where in the World.

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