What's Your Presentation Persona?

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A practical guide based on a proprietary skill assessment tool-a Myers-Briggs for presenters-that provides tips and strategies that address the core element for becoming a successful presenter: YOU

A whopping 30 million presentations are delivered every day. How do you stand out in this sea of competition? There's only one way to start: Know thyself.

The first-of-its-kind, the Badge skill-assessment system helps you discover what type of presenter you naturally are. These include:

* The Creator: a forward-thinking innovator energized by the next big thing (Steve Jobs or Walter White from Breaking Bad)
* The Liberator: an optimistic visionary who loves to inspire (Tony Robbins or William Wallace from Braveheart)
* The Scholar: an always-curious learner informed by their own wisdom (TED speaker Jill Bolte Taylor or Data from Star Trek )
* The Performer: a one-man show who can transform any dull message (Jerry Seinfeld or Sam Malone from Cheers)
. . . among others

The book offers practical and actionable persona-specific advice designed to help you make the most impactful presentations possible. Once you've mastered your persona, explore others you'd like to experiment with and learn from, to become the strongest, most well-rounded communicator you can be-so you can razzle-dazzle any audience on any topic anytime.

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