What is Hypnosis?

Many people tend to think of hypnosis as something mysterious and manipulative, done only on stage, for entertainment. Joinus in this vibrant, accessible guide as we debunk such mythsto reveal it as the practical and deeply empowering tool that itis. By using hypnosis to harness the extraordinary power of the human mind, we can transform not only how we think and feelfor the better, but also how we behave, leading to all-roundmore fulfilled, more contented lives.Throughout the book, hypnosis expert Tom Fortes Mayer answers the most frequently asked questions about the subject, including:# How does hypnosis really work?# What are the main purposes of hypnosis?# Can hypnosis change your life?# How can you make self-hypnosis part of your daily life?# Can hypnosis help make the world a better place?The Q&A approach, coupled with a range of scripts and practical exercises, helps take you on a real behind-the-scenes tour of this powerful and potentially life-changing practice.
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ISBN 9781780289304
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Author(s) Tom Fortes Mayer
Publisher Watkins
Pages 141
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