Welcome To The Real World

When love strikes a chord it's time to face the music . . . A heart-warming and charming novel from the Sunday Times bestselling and readers' favourite Carole Matthews Fern has the voice of an angel but as an underpaid barmaid and pub singer, she's going nowhere fast. Then she enters the TV talent show Fame Game and this could be her big break. But then, things are never that simple.Evan David's exquisite tones have enthralled opera buffs throughout the world. Everyone around him panders to his every need but what he really needs now is a break - from everything.Two worlds collide when Fern becomes Evan's assistant and neither is prepared for the dramatic effect they have on each other. Something happens when they're together, and it's more than just music . . .

Product Overview
ISBN 9780751551426
Categories BX, extraordinary, Fiction, Romance
Author(s) Carole Matthews
Publisher Little, Brown Book Group
Pages 416
Format Paperback
Dimensions 12.9cm x 2.7cm x 19.5cm
Weight 0.285 kg