Eleven-year-old Neela dreams of being a famous musician, performing for admiring crowds on her traditional Indian stringed instrument. Her particular instrument was a gift from her grandmother—intricately carved with a mysterious-looking dragon.  When this special family heirloom vanishes from a local church, strange clues surface: a tea kettle ornamented with a familiar pointy-faced dragon, a threatening note, a connection to a famous dead musician, and even a legendary curse. The clues point all the way to India, where it seems that Neelas instrument has a long history of vanishing and reappearing. Even if Neela does track it down, will she be able to stop it from disappearing again? Sheela Charis debut novel is a finely tuned story of coincidence and fate, trust and deceit, music and mystery.

Product Overview
ISBN 9781423131632
Categories BX, Fiction, Teenage / Young Adult
Author(s) Sheela Chari
Publisher Hyperion Books for Children
Pages 318
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 14.7cm x 2.7cm x 21.8cm
Weight 0.55 kg