Vampire Tales Volume 3

Cannonball! Wolfsbane! Sunspot! Warlock! Karma! The adventures of the next generation of the X-Men continue alongside Psylocke, Captain Britain and Longshot against the evils of Mojo and Spiral! Plus: The deadly threats of Empath, Legion and the Magus! Danielle Moonstar, in a gunfight with Death herself! And the tragic tale of Larry Bodine! With guest appearances by the X-Men, Lila Cheney, Dazzler and Kitty Pryde! Collecting NEW MUTANTS (1983) #41-47 and ANNUAL #2, and X-MEN ANNUAL (1970) #10.

Product Overview
ISBN 9780785156048
Categories BXOS, Fiction, Graphic Novels and Comics, Newest Arrivals
Author(s) Claremont, Chris
Publisher Marvel
Pages 536
Format Paperback
Dimensions -cm x -cm x -cm
Weight 0.32 kg