Tiz And Ott's Big Draw: 1

* Perfect introduction to drawing as a means of expression and imagination * Encourages creative play through drawing * Bright, bold illustrations and an adventure storyline Tiz and Ott are drawing themselves a house. With the scritch scratch of her crayon, Tiz busily plants some seeds for the garden. Meanwhile Ott lies back lazily and makes a huge splodge for the sun. Then Tiz has a big idea. With a zig, a zag and a crash, she jolts Ott awake with a huge bolt of lightning! Together Tiz and Ott whip up a storm but as they soon find out, a storm isn't just lines on a page - Get carried away with Tiz and Ott as they use their imaginations to brush and doodle and scribble and scrawl and splatter their way out of trouble and safely back home.

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ISBN 9781849763103
Categories BX, Children's Books, Picture Books, Whateversary
Author(s) Bridget Marzo
Publisher Tate Publishing
Pages 0
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 21.2cm x 1.6cm x 23.4cm
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