The Weavers Saramyr

Saramyr is pure. The Weavers have ensured that. No Aberrant child can be suffered to live. Their twisted, unnatural powers are simply too dangerous to be given free rein. In noble houses across the land, the Weavers don their Masks and send their silent messages across the Weave, binding the high families together. The Weavers are indispensible, the last bastion against the evil that threatens to taint the vast empire. Until the Empress' own Weaver discovers that the daughter of the Empress is an Aberrant herself.
Noble and peasant alike will not abide being ruled by such a monstrosity. The land stirs uneasily towards civil war as the high families vie for the succession. But the Empress is determined to see her child on the throne, Aberrant or not... and hundreds of miles away from the emperial city, a young woman's family is murdered. In tracing those responsible for the slaughter, she becomes caught up in the web of treachery.
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ISBN 9780575075429
Categories BX, extraordinary, Fantasy and Science Fiction, Fiction, WBD
Author(s) Chris Wooding
Publisher Gollancz
Pages 440
Format Paperback
Dimensions 11.1cm x 2.8cm x 17.7cm
Weight 0.24 kg
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