The Silence (Movie Tie-In Edition)

Now a gripping Netflix movie starring Stanley Tucci and Kiernan Shipka. A
suspenseful masterpiece from New York Times bestselling author Tim Lebbon.
In the darkness of a underground cave system, blind creatures hunt by
sound. Then there is light, there are voices, and they feed... Swarming
from their prison, the creatures thrive and destroy. To scream, even to
whisper, is to summon death. As the hordes lay waste to Europe, a girl
watches to see if they will cross the sea. Deaf for many years, she knows
how to live in silence; now, it is her family's only chance of survival. To
leave their home, to shun others, to find a remote haven where they can sit
out the plague. But will it ever end? And what kind of world will be left?

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ISBN 9781789090505
Categories Fantasy and Science Fiction, Fiction, Newest Arrivals
Author(s) Tim Lebbon
Publisher Titan Books Ltd
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