The Power Of Five - Evil Star

After his experiences at Raven's Gate, fourteen-year-old Matt Freeman thinks his days of battling evil are over. But he is pulled into another horrifying adventure when he discovers a second gate exists. Matt and his friend Richard travel to Peru and, assisted by a secret organization known as the Nexus, follow a series of clues to the gate's whereabouts. But there is a traitor in the Nexus... Richard is kidnapped. Matt manages to escape with the help of Pedro, a local boy. The pair travel to the Nazca desert and Matt realizes the horrifying truth: the Nazca lines are the second gate ? it is about to open. But, this time, will he have the strength to prevent it?

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ISBN 9781406371475
Categories BX, Fic20, Fiction, Teenage / Young Adult
Author(s) Anthony Horowitz
Publisher Walker Books
Pages 368
Dimensions 12.9cm x 2.2cm x 19.8cm
Weight 0.27 kg
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