The Night Lies Bleeding

Norse myths, werewolves and the second world war collide in the final volume of the bestselling series which began with WOLFSANGEL The world is at war again. London is suffering from the German Blitz. For one immortal werewolf, the war means little. He knows he will soon have to give up his identity once more, begin a new life. Before the wolf emerges.But a chance conversation leads him to the scene of a gruesome murder, and the realisation that another war is being fought. The runes want to be together, and the when they are the wolf's story will end. And in Germany, one weak-willed doctor finds himself caught up in the Third Reich's fascination with the occult and the Norse myths. They believe that the runes will bring them power, and wish to abuse them for their own ends. And if they succeed, Ragnarok will come.

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ISBN 9780575129689
Categories BX, extraordinary, Fantasy and Science Fiction, Fiction, New Arrivals
Author(s) M.D. Lachlan
Publisher Orion Publishing Co
Pages 480
Format Paperback
Dimensions 15.8cm x 3.5cm x 23.5cm
Weight 0.645 kg