The Language Of Stars

Sarah?s had her happy ending: she?s at the party of the year with the most popular boy in school. But when that boy turns out to be a troublemaker who decided to throw a party at a cottage museum dedicated to renowned poet Rufus Baylor, everything changes. By the end of the party, the whole cottage is trashed - curtains up in flames, walls damaged, mementos smashed - and when the partygoers are caught, they?re all sentenced to take a summer class studying Rufus Baylor?s poetry . . . with Baylor as their teacher.

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ISBN 9781481462419
Categories BX, Fiction, Teenage / Young Adult, Whateversary
Author(s) Hawes, Louise
Publisher Margaret K. McElderry Books
Pages 368
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 14.0cm x 2.8cm x 21.0cm
Weight 0.455 kg
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