The Incredibles Official Handbook For Young Supers

This incredible book provides aspiring young Supers and Supers-in-training invaluable guidelines for becoming a hero. From safely wearing a cape (or better yet, not wearing a cape at all) and identifying villainous traits to evading an Omnidroid and building a utility belt, this book provides young readers with all of the recommended tips and techniques they need to make their suit, unmask villains, and build a heroic legend of their own.Also includes instructions for:- Designing your own secret sanctum- Sketching your own suit- Developing a heroic creed- Making heroic pronouncements and quips on the fly- And much more!

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ISBN 9780998789811
Categories Activity Books, BXOS, Children's Books, Newest Arrivals
Author(s) Media Lab Books
Publisher Media Lab Books
Pages 96
Format Paperback
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