• The Great Empires Of Asia: How Asia's Mighty Empires Challenged The World

The Great Empires Of Asia: How Asia's Mighty Empires Challenged The World

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Asian empires led the world economically, scientifically and culturally for hundreds of years, and posed a constant challenge to the countries of Europe. How and why did those empires gain such power, and lose it? What legacies did they leave? This major book brings together a team of distinguished historians and 200 illustrations to survey seven great Asian empires that rose and fell between 800 CE and the mid-20th century. Each was unique, yet fascinating similarities and parallels emerge: The Mongol Empire Ming Dynasty of China Khmer Empire Ottoman Empire Safavid Empire of Persia Mughal Empire of India Meiji Restoration in Japan Splendidly illustrated and compellingly written, The Great Empires of Asia shows how those seven empires played a key role in forming today?s global civilization ? and how, with the renewed ascendancy of Asia, their legacies will help shape the continent?s future. The founding emperors were charismatic leaders such as Chinggis Khan, Babur and Hongwu. Military conquest was, of course, the basis of imperial power, but the Asian empires also proved highly successful in organizing and administering their enormous, multi-cultural domains. Most were surprisingly inclusive and tolerant of ethnic and religious differences. Asian empires also amassed legendary wealth ? and displayed it. An Asian style of empire was manifested in the grand buildings, the superb arts and crafts, the philosophical and religious speculation, and the science and technology of the time. Each empire in itself was a marvellous artefact, a distinctive cultural achievement.

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