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The Good Struggle

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This is a new entrepreneurial model of leadership for leading responsibly in uncertain and complex environments. It deals with the importance of struggle to leadership. The question of how to lead, and what constitutes responsible leadership, becomes more stark and important in an increasingly unmanageable world. And as change has become our only constant, the answer is needed now. Based on decades of teaching, writing, and reflecting on leadership, Harvard Business School professor Joseph Badaracco addresses the question in The Good Struggle: Responsible Leadership in an Unforgiving World. Central to his argument is the idea of struggle and what he calls a "new invisible hand" of pervasive and powerful markets, both of which impact today's leaders more than they realize. In the book Badaracco, bestselling author of Leading Quietly, illustrates how our market-driven world has invalidated answers to many of leadership's enduring questions. The new answers, he says, can be found by watching leaders in dynamic environments-and especially entrepreneurs.The conditions that have always been true for them-steered by intense competition, scarce resources, and unforgiving markets-are true now for the rest of us. It's time to pull some pages from their playbook. Badaracco serves as a seasoned guide through the updated landscape of responsible leadership helping bring new answers to enduring questions that all leaders must eventually ask of themselves. If, as one entrepreneur says in the book's introduction, "the joy of life is in the struggle," The Good Struggle will help you find meaning in your work, stay focused on what matters (as everything around you changes), and will keep you on the path to achieving truly principled and responsible leadership.

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