• The Glory Of The Tree
  • The Glory Of The Tree
  • The Glory Of The Tree
  • The Glory Of The Tree
  • The Glory Of The Tree

The Glory Of The Tree

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Trees are fundamental to life on Earth, to our landscapes - both natural and urban - and to our history and culture. Many magnificent species of tree provide food, shelter, or ornamentation for our streets and gardens; all help to recycle the atmosphere. And where would we be without one of nature's most wonderful inventions: wood? Indeed, without the wide range of trees to be found across the world, it would have been very difficult for humankind to progress along the road to civilization. Written by Noel Kingsbury - a world-class expert on plants and the environment - The Glory of the Tree celebrates the wonder, mystery, beauty, and utility of the tree. It pays homage to 100 key species of tree - chosen for their cultural, economic, or historical significance and their importance in the natural world - and includes an indispensable cultivation section that advises on the care and selection of trees for the home garden. The lively, original text analyses the particular characteristics of each tree and the specific role that it plays within the ecosystem and the human environment. Breathtaking, specially commissioned photography by Andrea Jones - one of the world's foremost garden photographers - skillfully captures the nuances of every featured tree. From exquisite close-up detail shots to images of impeccable orchards in bloom, her photographs are both beautiful and informative.

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