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The Geography Of Genius: A Search For The World's Most Creative Places From Ancient Athens To Silicon Valley

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There are some writers whose company is worth keeping whatever the subject, and Mr. Weiner is blessed with this gift." - The Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Eric Weiner is no genius. He readily concedes that the chances of sudden, Einsteinian brilliance descending upon him are slim. But there's still hope for his young daughter. So he sets off across the globe and back through history to examine how creative genius flourishes in specific places at specific times, hoping to nourish a culture of creativity in his own home. Along the way, he learns why geniuses thrive in chaos, why we often do our best thinking while walking, how constraintsactually drive creativity, and how oysters played a pivotal role in the Scottish Enlightenment. From ancient Athens to Silicon Valley, he brings trademark humor and insight to one urgent question: What was in the water, and can we bottle it?

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