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The Drum Handbook

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Here is a complete, authoritative reference book for the drummer - and one that will prove as valuable to the aspiring player as it will to the most seasoned pro. The main portion of the book deals with the drums, cymbals and hardware that make up the modern drum kit. Basic questions are considered: what is a drum kit, and why do you want to play it? Drummers are advised on what to look for, the realities of buying a kit, and how to set it up properly and effectively. A further section deals with tuning, drum heads and sticks. Tuning is the key to making a drum kit sound good as a self-contained whole, and the subject often confuses. Here, as in all other areas, The Drum Handbook demystifies and explains exactly what to do and why to do it, in clear, simple language. Other considerations such as resonance, damping, the effect of drum-shells and the differing needs of live and studio complete a valuable resource. The last major section deals with recording and miking-up the drum kit, with studio tips from pros and an honest analysis of the role of drums in modern recording. Also included: maintenance, cleaning, renovation and repairs; the classic and vintage drum markets; the story of the drum kit, its great players, and how they influence kit design; how kits were made, and how they are made now; why cheap gear is cheap and expensive kit expensive; getting drum tuition; treating common drummers' ailments; recommended listening; the changing face of drums and drumming; what the future might bring; and an illustrated glossary. The Drum Handbook is a sourcebook for solving drumming problems that will increase the reader's knowledge and understanding, and provides the definitive companion for the modern drummer.

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