The Dancers At The End Of Time

An omnibus volume containing satire at its sharpest and most colourful by one of the genre's best-loved writers Enter a decaying far, far future society, a time when anything and everything is possible, where words like 'conscience' and 'morality' are meaningless, and where heartfelt love blossoms mysteriously between Mrs Amelia Underwood, an unwilling time traveller, and Jherek Carnelian, a bemused denizen of the End of Time.The Dancers at the End of Time, containing the novels An Alien Heat, The Hollow Lands and The End of All Songs, is a brilliant homage to the 1890s of Wilde, Beardsley and the fin de siecle decadents, satire at its sharpest and most colourful.

Product Overview
ISBN 9780575074767
Categories BX, extraordinary, Fantasy and Science Fiction, Fiction
Author(s) Michael Moorcock
Publisher Orion Publishing Co
Pages 672
Format Paperback
Dimensions 13.3cm x 3.1cm x 19.7cm
Weight 0.475 kg