The Cartoonist's Bible

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Create great cartoons in a wide range of styles and media, from comic-book line art to digital manga. Learn how to eaggerate and distort your characters to great comic effect; render funny expressions and body language; add backgrounds, lettering, and speech balloons. The contents of this book are unique and completely practical. Not only will you learn how to draw cartoons in many formats including up-to-date advice on CGI (computer generated images) and Manga comics, but you will also learn easy, foolproof methods of how to always be able to think up new humorous ideas for your cartoons and how to give yourself the bet chance of selling your work and seeing it published. In The Cartoonist's Bible, there is an extremely useful and comprehensive Expressions File that means you will never struggle to draw just the right look on your cartoon characters. Also included is a valuable Cartoon Resources file to signpost you on to further information about all aspects of cartooning. Over 60,000 copies of The Cartoonist's Bible sold worldwide.

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