• The Brain Training Revolution

The Brain Training Revolution

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REGAIN, RETRAIN, AND MAINTAIN YOUR BRAIN Help Prevent Memory Loss, Increase Brain Agility - Reduce Risk of Alzheimer's Because memory loss is the number one health concern of Americans over forty-five, The Brain Training Revolution is a valuable weapon on the battleground of aging. You have the power to grow and strengthen your brain, minimize the severity of age-associated memory lapses, and reduce your risk of Alzheimer's disease. You can greatly influence the vitality of your brain. You can guard against brain disease. It's never too late to start the Brain Training Revolution, and the scientific evidence is clear-you will feel better and your body and brain will benefit. You'll find out more about: 1 What to expect as your brain gets older 2. How to boost your brain's performance in midlife and beyond while combating normal age-associated memory loss 3. How to protect and strengthen the "memory maker" in your brain, the small sea horse-shaped structure called the hippocampus 4. How modest lifestyle adjustments can make a huge difference 10 maintaining a healthy brain 5 The Importance of plasticity and brain reserve: how you can better your brain at any age 6. The features of the brain that are critical to healthy brain aging 7 How to work out your brain using full-color illustrations 8. Simple things you can do every day to keep your brain healthy and functioning at its peak "With skill, clarity and grounding in research, Paul Bendheim has put together a highly practical program that explains how to achieve lifelong brain health." --Kenneth S. Kosik, MD, codirector, Neuroscience Research Institute, and Harriman Professor of Neuroscience, University of California, Santa Barbara.

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