The Body Library : A Nyquist Mystery

Jeff Noon returns with a sequel to the acclaimed A Man of Shadows, taking his hapless investigator into a city where reality is contaminated by the imagination of its citizens In a city where words come to life and reality is infected by stories, private eye John Nyquist wakes up in a room with a dead body... The dead man's impossible whispers plunge him into a murder investigation like no other. Clues point him deeper into an unfolding story infesting its participants as reality blurs between place and genre. Only one man can hope to put it all together, enough that lives can be saved... That man is Nyquist, and he is lost.File Under: Science Fiction [ Murder He Wrote | Festival of Words | Stranger In Fiction | Odin's Horse ]

Product Overview
ISBN 9780857666734
Categories BX, Contemporary Fiction, Crime, extraordinary, Fantasy and Science Fiction, Fiction, Mystery and Thriller
Author(s) Jeff Noon
Publisher Watkins Media
Pages 384
Format Paperback
Dimensions 13.0cm x 3.0cm x 19.7cm
Weight 0.35 kg