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What happens when there's a class president election, a huge football game, a marching band performance AND homecoming, all on the same day? The wildest day in the history of high school! The word is out... BROOKS MANDEVILLE, quarterback: Friday is the homecoming game and dance. It is a very big deal. NATALIE WAGNER, marching band clarinet: Our band's halftime show performances are legendarym even if our football team isn't. CINTHIA ALVAREZ, Academic Battle team member: Our Academic Battle team has won five years in a row. This Friday, it'll be six. TANNER ERICKSEN, sophomore class candidate for vice president: Holly has to win the election for class president this Friday! HOLLY CARPENTER, cheerleader, Academic Battle team member, class president candidate: Friday? Everything is on Friday? How can I be in three places at once? COLIN VON KOHORN, editor-in-chief of the Prepster: This kind of scheduling incompetence could only have come straight from the top. ANGELICA HUTCHERSON, reporter-at-large: I talked to everyone and my article is going to crack this story wide open... This is what happens on the wildest day in the history of high school!

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ISBN 9781407181653
Categories BX, extraordinary, Fiction, Teenage / Young Adult
Author(s) Stephanie Kate Strohm
Publisher Scholastic
Pages 240
Format Paperback
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