• Target Your Fat Spots

Target Your Fat Spots

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All of us have some part of our body that we would love to tone up. Many of us find it impossible to shift specific stubborn areas of excess fat that distort our body shape. We diet, we exercise really hard, and yet we still can't lose the bingo wings, protruding belly, heavy thighs, big bottom, love handles, or man boobs. In this book, Max Tomlinson reveals a radical and exciting new approach to weight loss. He explains how your body's hormones, when out of balance - due to your lifestyle, eating habits, or even your environment - promote the storage of unwanted fat in specific areas. He helps you to accurately pinpoint which type of hormonal imbalance you have by taking you through a short questionnaire and a simple home fat pinch test. He then shows you how to drop your old eating habits and embrace healthier foods and attitudes before guiding you through a straightforward, simple but effective two-step programme. First there is a week of detoxing to kick-start your healthy habits and re-energize you, followed by one of six innovative six-week fat-spot-busting programmes specifically designed to shift your fat spot. Each specific programme encourages you to eat the right foods, take the right supplements, and do the right exercise. And once you've lost the weight, Max reveals how you can keep it off for good. Easy to use and free from jargon, Target your Fat Spots is a dramatically different way of understanding weight gain in men and women to help you bust your fat spot and restore a healthy, balanced look to your body.

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