Taekwondo Grappling Techniques: Hone Your Competitive Edge For Mixed Martial Arts With Dvd

Over the centuries, the ebb and flow of history has eroded the face of Korean martial arts, rendering modern sport Taekwondo devoid of the powerful grappling techniques of old. As striking and blocking rose to the fore, the devastating defensive maneuvers slipped into obscurity, leaving practitioners primarily with kicking techniques to keep attackers at bay. In this book, the author proposes that certain movements in Taekwondo patterns hint at vestigial grappling techniques that have been lost. With the dedication to practice and this book as a guide, readers will uncover the grappling techniques hidden in Taekwondo patterns, and unlock the full potential of this powerful martial art.

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ISBN 9780804840064
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Author(s) Tony Kemerly
Publisher Tuttle
Pages 192
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