• Swords And Hilt Weapons

Swords And Hilt Weapons

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Swords and other weapons with handles, or hilt weapons, were originally designed for use in melee, or confused fighting, where combatants were little more than an arm's length apart. Wars are now often fought over much larger distances with much more elaborate methods, but for thousands of years swords, knives, daggers, machetes, axes, and other blades were the weapons of choice in any conflict. Even today, infantryman carry some sort of knife into battle. Swords & Hilt Weapons is an illustrated guide to these remarkable tools. From the simple stone knives manufactured during ancient times to today's albion swords, it offers a complete visual history for experienced swordsmen or anyone fascinated by the beautiful construction of a steel blade. Readers will learn about the anatomy of a sword - from the point, to the blade, to the grip - and the differences between one made in Central Europe and one made in Central Asia.

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