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Surrounded By Geniuses

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How many times have you arrived at work, exchanged greetings with your colleagues, attended a meeting or two, and then sat down at your desk overcome by the incredible feeling that you were surrounded by geniuses? And how many times have you headed home from work, looked around, and been struck with an awesome sense that you were surrounded by a world of geniuses and brilliant ideas? If you're like most people, caught up in the stress of work and everyday life, the answer is a resounding "never!" But that's all about to change. In Surrounded by Geniuses Alan Gregerman presents a revolutionary guide to personal, professional and organizational success based on two powerfully simple ideas: First, that there is genius hidden in all of us. And second, that we are surrounded by a world filled with genius that can be used to transform any company or organization in order to deliver compelling customer value. He then shows us in clear and practical ways how to unlock the genius in ourselves and our organizations by discovering and applying insight from the worlds of business, history, popular culture, nature, science and even science fiction. He does this by taking us on ten remarkable journeys to learn essential lessons from a world-class shock trauma unit, eight-year-old "salespeople," rocket scientists, aerobics instructors, cheetahs, Seinfeld re-runs, and more. By the end, you will be astounded to find yourself surrounded by so many brilliant people and ideas. So grab your curiosity and your most comfortable shoes. It's time for a remarkable trip to your future success!

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