Sticker Fun - Party

This book comes with over 50 reusable stickers. It is a stimulating
play-and-learn book for the very young. Children love parties, and they
will respond to the action photographs of kids just like them - dancing,
dreaming of various different party cakes, watching a magic show, and
generally enjoying the festivities. You can choose some outfits to wear to
the party, find some more apples for Anna to go bobbing for, and give all
the party-goers some treats to take home. It is full of action photographs
of children, food, presents, toys, costumes and other everyday items for
youngsters to identify with. It includes reusable stickers which mean that
readers can repeat the play-and-learn experience time and time again. It is
a themed word-and-picture book that makes early learning fun. It's time for
a party - with stickers! This exciting book presents a child's-eye view of
the world, combining photographs and simple text to help youngsters develop
their reading skills. Little ones will absorb words and ideas even as they
use interactive stickers to find instruments for the musicians to play, put
hats on the party-goers, or make a chain of birthday cards.The stickers are
reusable, so youngsters can think about the concepts and develop skills
again and again, or use the stickers to make their own pictures, stories
and games.

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ISBN 9781861474339
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Author(s) Armadillo Press
Publisher Anness Publishing
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