Stay Smart: 100 Exercises To Keep Your Brain Sharp

Have you ever stopped mid-sentence because your mind has wandered? Or walked upstairs only to wonder why you made the journey? Or forgotten a PIN number you've used regularly, or even the name of a good friend during introductions? Brains change as we age - the signals travel more slowly. These 'senior' moments simply mean your brain needs exercise and a memory jog to stay smart. This book offers 100 puzzles, exercises and challenges to do just that. You'll work your way through three levels of difficulty and along the way learn much about how your brain and its memory function work, and how you can slow its decline by keeping mentally active. There's also fascinating information on how to counter the effects of brain degeneration and the importance of diet, exercise, sleep and concentration. It's smart to stay smart.

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ISBN 9781859063446
Categories BX, Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction: Lifestyle, Puzzles and Games, WBD
Author(s) Charles Phillips
Publisher Connections Book Publishing Ltd
Pages 144
Format Paperback
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