Looking to eat healthier, lose weight - and cut out the sugar? Souping and soup cleansing is healthier and more satisfying than juicing and juice cleansing, whilst continuing to have the same benefits. Souping includes the healthy benefits of whole foods and is a satisfying and healthy way to cleanse and detoxify the body, lose weight, boost energy and much more. Souping is packed with over 100 easy, delicious and healthy hot and cold soup recipes that can be eaten on the go, along with unique cleansing programs for losing weight, detoxifying the body, improving hair and skin, boosting immunity, increasing energy and improving overall health. Perfect classic recipes like carrot or lentil soups, or broaden your horizons with combinations such as raspberry and coconut, beetroot and orange, or chai spiced almond. Souping provides step-by-step instructions for making and storing incredible soups - and each recipe includes full nutritional information and an explanation of the key health benefits. Detox your diet and revitalize your health with delicious and satisfying soups.

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ISBN 9780241245552
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Author(s) Velázquez, Alison
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Pages 192
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