Smoothie Bowls: 50 Beautiful, Nutrient-Packed & Satisfying Recipes

Why have a smoothie when you can create something gorgeous, nutritious, filled with even more texture and taste, and as easy to make? That?s a smoothie bowl, and it?s become so trendy that it?s popping up in restaurant and caf?s everywhere. But why pay through the nose to get one when it?s so simple to arrange some colorful ingredients and prepare a nutrient-packed work of art yourself? Popular blogger Mary Warrington has whipped up 50 yummy, beautiful bowls that range from Chocolate Peanut Butter and Citrus Berry to Strawberries and Cream, Passion Fruit Kiwi Coconut, and Winter Chai with spices, banana, almond milk, dates, and more. Each dish is lovingly photographed and features line-drawn infographics that show how to layer and arrange the ingredients for fantastic results.
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ISBN 9781454926481
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Author(s) Warrington, Mary
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