Shine-A-Light In The City

What is hidden in the world around us? For ages 3 and up, the uniquely designed Shine-A-Light series of books uncovers the facts behind a diverse range of places and topics through hidden images that are revealed by light. First, view a full-colour scene and read about what is pictured - but what else is there? Shine a torch behind the page, or hold it up to the light, to reveal what is hidden. Turn the page to read fun facts about the hidden image in black and white. A world of surprises awaits!

Meet a family who live in the city and discover what they do and where they go! Spend a day in the city and follow the family as they travel to work and to school, shop, relax in the park, enjoy a play, and eat dinner in a restaurant. A wonderful first introduction to life in the big city with a unique design that adds a whole new dimension of enjoyment for children, this book is a fun and innovative non-fiction title for your child's bookshelf.

Product Overview
ISBN 9781782404958
Categories Children's Books, Newest Arrivals, Picture Books
Author(s) Carron Brown
Publisher The Ivy Press
Pages 36
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 26cm x 1cm x 26cm
Weight 0.47 kg