Sharpie Art Workshop: Techniques And Ideas For Transforming Your World

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Bold and sharp, brilliant and vivid, Sharpie markers can be found in art, office, and stationery supply stores, drugstores, mass-market and crafts chains - almost anywhere writing utensils are sold. Sharpies can be used on virtually any surface, from the traditional (paper and canvas) to the unexpected (fabric, plastic, ceramics, glass, wood, stone, metal). In addition to the original fine point version, Sharpies are produced in five tip widths, several formulations, and in more than 30 colors, plus silver metallic. Their familiarity, accessibility, and clean, bold, dense line - especially the graphic impact that can be achieved with classic black - have made Sharpie markers the go-to medium for creatives of all stripes. In Sharpie Art Workshop, designer, artist, and art director Timothy Goodman explores Sharpie writing products, the materials and supplies that can be used to enhance or modify them, and the range of creative techniques and effects that can be achieved. Through a series of examples and exercises, Goodman demonstrates how to make different kinds of marks, patterns, and images on a variety of surfaces. Inspiring works by noted artists from all over the world who use Sharpie in interesting and innovative ways are also included. Sharpie Art Workshop offers ideas and inspiration to anyone who's looking to explore the creative potential of this exciting medium. So when you make your mark, what will you create? "If creative reincarnation exists, I want to come back as Timothy Goodman."- Florian Bachleda, Creative Director, Fast Company "Timothy Goodman had the unique brilliance to draw life from life. He is able, by sheer magic and talent and verve, to articulate what we all feel in a way that enlightens, inspires and charms. This new book will help anyone, anywhere, understand how to try and do that, too.

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