Shampoo-Free : A Diy Guide To Putting Down The Bottle And Embracing Healthier, Happier Hair

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Learn about the hot beauty trend that's changing the way we think about our hair and improving the way it looks in the first-ever book about the shampoo-free movement.

Parabens, sulfates, methylparaben, sodium laureth sulphate . . . yuck. Join the growing movement of women and men everywhere who are ditching their expensive addiction to chemical-laden shampoos and going shampoo-free.

At first the idea of going shampoo-free might seem radical, or even a little icky, but this beauty secret that's long had a cult following online and been featured in the New York Times, Marie Claire, Elle, and elsewhere is gaining traction big time.

Whether you're interested in saving money, saving the planet, or simply curious about how and why going shampoo-free can make your hair the healthiest, shiniest, fullest, and softest it's ever been, Shampoo-Free is the first-ever book to compile all the science, testimonials, instructions, and tips in one comprehensive guide.

Shampoo-free enthusiast Savannah Born walks readers through how they can create their own simple and affordable solutions to keep hair clean and fresh without harsh chemicals. She offers encouragement and tips about how to survive the transition, and helpful illustrations make this the perfect one-stop guide.

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