See, Feel, Think, Do: The Power Of Instinct In Business

Instinct is behind some of the best inventions and most innovative ideas in business today. It has produced the Walkman and the i-Pod, it has led to drive-through check-ins and low cost flights, it has affected the way that Heinz market Ketchup, and the way NASA, teach their astronauts safety. Put simply, See, Feel, Think, Do is the idea that by watching the way real people act in real life in real time in real situations, we can develop ideas that solve their real needs. Through a mixture of stories and case studies from real life, the authors show readers how to develop an instinct for what really works in business. They outline a simple process and a series of key questions you need to ask in order to translate your own, or your customers', experiences into action. The real beauty of this concept is that anyone can do it - all it requires is the ability to see, to feel, to think and then do.

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ISBN 9781905736256
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Author(s) Andy Milligan
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