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  • Scribbles And Ink

Scribbles And Ink

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Two artists, two styles, and one book that may not be big enough for the both of them. See, Ink (the mouse) likes things to be clean and precise. Scribbles (the cat) is the opposite. But while there should be plenty of room for each of them to make their art without getting in each others way, or on each others nerves, THEY CAN'T MANAGE THAT! And from there paint splatters, ink goops, pencils get broken and brushes go wild until...it's not a work of art, IT'S A MESS! Discovering that they are no longer having any fun, the duo tentatively tries to collaborate instead of clobber, and, thus, a disasterpiece becomes a masterpiece. Include a giant fold-out and a detachable sketchpad. With this much creative friction, will this disaster-piece ever become a masterpiece?

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