The Genius Test : Can You Master The World's Hardest Ideas?

What is the Higgs Boson? Where did life come from? And what are you looking at when you're looking at Modern Art

Put your knowledge to the test - and learn to think and talk like a genius.

The Genius Test takes you on a journey through humanity's most brain-bending ideas, from the big bang and the origins of life to chaos theory, existentialism and special relativity, challenging you to understand and providing the tools to help you master the big ideas.

Shortcuts to becoming a genius include:

· Are you a Genius? quizzes - questions to test your knowledge
· The 10 things a Genius would know
· Talk like a Genius - intellectual conversation gambits
· A Bluffer's summary

The Genius Test challenges you to understand 50 subjects including:

The Hard Problem of consciousness; the human genome; Evo-devo; the human brain; A.I.; Fermat's Last Theorem; the Riemann Hypothesis; Gödel's Theorem of Incompleteness; Post-modernism; Modern architecture; Keynesianism; Semiotics and Structuralism; Schrödinger's cat; DNA; Deconstructivism; the mind-body problem; Superstrings; Quantum Theory; The Big Bang; black holes...and many more.

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