The third in a series of rip-roaring theatrical adventures set in the cut-throat world of Elizabethan England.When Ben Button catches a beggar-boy suspected of stealing, he is shocked to discover that the disguised thief is really a girl! A runaway, Jane was left destitute after she and her family were thrown off their farmland by an unscrupulous nobleman, known as the Iron-master. This same nobleman is preparing for his nuptials in London, where Ben and his company of actors will be performing. Driven by her thirst for revenge Jane attacks the Iron-master at his betrothal feast, but is thwarted by Ben who boldly steps in. But it is not until Ben visits the imprisoned Jane in her cell that he learns of the true depths of the Iron-master's corruption, plunging Ben into a dangerous underworld of political plotting and treason. Boy actor Ben Button takes center stage in this thrilling mystery delving into the ruthless dealings of the Elizabethan arms trade.

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ISBN 9780746097984
Categories Fiction, Newest Arrivals, Teenage / Young Adult
Author(s) John Pilkington
Publisher Usborne Publishing Ltd
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