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Death is not the end, but rather a glorious new beginning that offers solace to our weary souls. After a period of rest between lives, we do return to earth in order to experience true love and make right our past wrongs. Author Marilou Trask-Curtin has experienced reincarnation first hand. Her first memories as an infant were of her previous lives. In this fascinating book, she describes how she lost touch with her past-life memories only to regain them through a series of remarkable past-life regression sessions. It's not easy for anyone to move past the limiting teachings of our culture. But in Reincarnation, the author's experiences of soul lessons and past-life relationships are too powerful for her to ignore. With a supportive community of like-minded seekers, Trask-Curtin achieved a remarkable transformation. And now she is able to affirm this important fact: Reincarnation is real.

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