Rama & Sita Path Of Flames

Rama and Sita is an exciting children's retelling of the epic story known throughout India and Southeast Asia. Rama marries beautiful Sita, but Ravana, the 10-headed, 20-armed Demon King, falls in love with her, too. He captures her and takes her in his chariot to the Demon Kingdom, Lanka. Rama has to find a way to rescue Sita, and he seeks the help of the monkey general Hanuman, and Jambuvan, the King of the Bears. Rama, his brother Lakshman, and the band of monkeys and bears battle their way to the Kingdom of the Demons. With the help of the fish, they build a bridge to cross the sea and find Sita locked in Hanuman's tower, guarded by demonesses. After a final, terrible battle, the Demon King is defeated and Rama and Sita are reunited. The touching ritual at the heart of the Hindu festival of Diwali features the lighting of earthen lamps — called divas — which celebrate Rama's and Sita’s return home.

Product Overview
ISBN 9781845076726
Categories BX, Children's Books, Picture Books, WBD
Author(s) Sally Pomme Clayton
Publisher Sophie Herxheimer
Pages 64
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 22cm x 1.2cm x 28.5cm
Weight 0.56 kg
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