Quick And Easy: Scrapbook Styles

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In the past few years several unique scrapbooking styles have emerged. Pages with whirly freeform style are just as common as those with crisp, clean cuts. Textures and accents run the gamut from urban rugged to soft country chic. If your curiosity is stirred to experiment with the abundance of products and ideas available, but time is of the essence, then this is the book for you. With Quick & Easy Scrapbook Styles you'll learn the tricks, tips and techniques for crafting fast scrapbook pages in the following five popular styles: Graphic: Influenced by the world of graphic design, these pages impart a sophisticated tone with clean lines, bold fonts and lots of open space. Sassy: A little bit sass, a little bit class, this style is for the eclectic scrapbooker. Metallic elements, vibrant colors and fun accents are trademarks of this fashion. Urban: Gritty, grungy and worn, urban pages march to that run-down, metro beat. Ransom-style type, wire, mesh and metal synchronize on the urban page. Fun & Funky: Full of character and pizzazz, fun and funky pages strut mixed patterns, bold colors, doodles, waves and swirls. Romantic: Cloaked in quiet colors, natural textures and harmonious patterns, the romantic style is pure pleasure. It will entice you with its loveliness.   If you're looking for cutting-edge styles that can be created in flash, pick up a copy of Quick & Easy Scrapbook Styles today! Whatever your taste or skill level, you won't find a more comprehensive, time-friendly resource with such a wealth of inspiration and ideas.

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