• Pour Your Heart Into It
  • Pour Your Heart Into It

Pour Your Heart Into It

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The vision came to Schultz while traveling through Italy, when he recognized the intense relationship that the Italian people had not only with their coffee, but with the coffee bars that are an integral part of the country's social life. He knew in his heart that Americans would embrace the coffee bar experience in the same way. The idea was the beginning - and the marketing of the brand was brilliant. But Schultz gives credit for the growth of the company to a foundation of values seldom found in corporate America, values that place as much importance on the company's employees as they do on profits, as much attention to creativity as to growth. Schultz tells the story of Starbucks in chapters that illustrate the principles which have made the company enduring, such as "Don't be threatened by people smarter than you, " "Compromise anything but your core values, " "Seek to renew yourself even when you're hitting home runs, " and, most simply, "Everything matters.

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