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This is Alex�s story. But he doesn�t know exactly what it�s about yet, so you probably shouldn�t either. Instead, here are some things that it�s sort of about (but not really): It�s sort of (but not really) about brain surgery. It�s sort of (but not really) about a hamster named Jaws 2 (after the original Jaws (who died), not the movie Jaws 2). It�s sort of (but actually quite a lot) about Alex�s parents. It�s sort of (but not really) about feeling ostrichized (which is a better word for excluded (because ostriches can�t fly so they often feel left out). It�s sort of (but not really (but actually, the more you think about it, kind of a lot)) about empathy (which is like sympathy only better), and also love and trust and fate and time and quantum mechanics and friendship and exams and growing up. And it�s also sort of about courage. Because sometimes it actually takes quite a lot of it to bury your head in the sand.

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