Origami Magic: 17 Amazing Tricks, Puzzle

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In "Origami Magic", paper-folding experts Steve and Megumi Biddle show how paper and cardboard can create the kind of magic that professional magicians often perform, without any need for expensive or hard-to-find materials. This exciting book is packed with amazing projects that will baffle and entertain any audience. As well as giving clear instructions to help you put the magic models together, the authors divulge their secrets so you can perform these tricks, puzzles and illusions as the professionals do! Paper folding already has a certain magic about it - the very fact that a model so complex (or delightfully simple) can be created from a piece of paper is magic in itself. People assume it cannot be done - the paper folder, like the magician, performs the impossible; sometimes, as in magic, with surprising results. The models are presented in four groups: Amazing Tricks, Perplexing Puzzles, Impossible Illusions, and Crafty Cuts and Tricky Tears. From the somersaulting Tumbler to the Magic Tipper (watch it slowly tip up before your very eyes!), and from the Inside-out Puzzle to the Magic Wallet (stare in amazement as your banknote disappears - only to reappear moments later!) , there are tricks here to astound, amaze and amuse young and old alike.

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