Nancy Drew Diaries #1: The Demon Of River Heights/Writ In Stone

Nancy stars in a horror movie abouta monstrous River Heights urban legend - but is it really an urban legend? And will Nancy, Bess, and George live long enough to find out?Plus, its double trouble forthe world'sgreatest teen super sleuthin Writ in Stone!A sweet young boy Nancy has often babysat has gone missing, and while Nancy picks up the trail, a historic stone marker that may prove the Chinese discovered America before Columbus is stolen! Can Nancy solve two baffling mysteries at the same time, with all of River Heights watching?

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ISBN 9781597075015
Categories BX, Children's Books, Comics
Author(s) Petrucha, Stefan
Publisher Papercutz
Pages 176
Format Softcover
Dimensions 12.7cm x 1.0cm x 19.1cm
Weight 0.22 kg
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