My Life And Other Stuff I Made Up

I'm Tom Weekly. This is a nail-biting - make that toe-biting - thrill ride through my life.

This is where I pour out whatever's inside my head. Like the time a bloodthirsty magpie out to get me. Or when I had to eat Vegemite off my sister's big toe. And don't forget the day I ate 67 hot dogs in ten minutes. My life gets a bit weird sometimes but that's how I roll.

Top 3 reasons to read this book-
1. Cures for nits
2. Hover underpants
3. Instructions for teleporting

Product Overview
ISBN 9780143790082
Categories BX, Children's Books, Reading Books
Author(s) Tristan Bancks
Publisher Random House Australia
Pages 240
Format Paperback
Dimensions 12.9cm x -cm x 19.8cm
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